Iain Hornal Fly Away Home CD - SIGNED - 10CC

Iain Hornal Fly Away Home CD - SIGNED


This special edition of Iain’s ‘lockdown’ solo album Fly Away Home includes “I Can’t Tell You”, his second songwriting collaboration with Graham Gouldman, as well as bonus tracks “Say The Word” and “Drop Me Out, Wake Me Up”.

Track listing: 1.Wake Me Up, Drop Me Out 03:52 2.Fly Away Home 03:32 3.How Much It Means 05:17 4.Try A Little Love 02:56 5.The One To Blame 04:12 6.Let The Dove Fly 04:40 7.Everybody Else 03:56 8.I Can't Tell You 02:53 9.Welcome To The World 04:25 10.Find A Home 03:57 11.Drop This Song 03:20

Bonus Tracks: Say the Word Drop Me Out, Wake Me Up